Bladder & Kidney Energies

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the energetic characteristics associated with these organs are related to the winter period; to an ice cold climate and to the water element. During the winter period, everything in nature that grows, recedes and returning to the core. For example the seed or the bulb store energy that will be used again for germination and growth in the springtime. In a similar way the store of energy in the kidney’s support and initiate the growth of our bones, teeth and the hair on our head.

Support is given to the function of the ovaries, the womb, the testicles and the prostate. The production of sperm and of spoor cells is stimulated. In fact all the reproductive activities including sexual impulses, ovulation, ejaculation, fertility and pregnancy are supported by the energy of the kidneys.

The kidney energy is most active between 17:00-19:00, that of the bladder between the hours of 15:00-17:00.

De galblaas energie is meest actief tussen 23.00 - 01.00 uur; de lever energie tussen 01.00 - 03.00 uur 's ochtends.

Kidney energy is our energetic DNA

The kidneys contain your primitive, prenatal essential energy. This physical and cultural inheritance can be traced back across millions of years of evolution, passed on from generation to generation. As such it can be considered as a form of energetic DNA which dictates our future. In this way the kidney energy works together with the structural proteins which produce hormones and enzymes to support our cellular metabolism. The strength of the kidney energy at birth is related to the condition of the kidney energy of your mother and father at the time of conception. After birth the kidney energy can be strengthened depending on the nutritional value of the food you consume.

Whilst the kidney energy can be stimulated and its demise slowed down, it is impossible to increase it. The amount and strength of the kidney energy at the time of conception is progressively reduced as we grow older, leading to such symptoms as baldness; greying of the hair; deafness, degeneration of the teeth and increasingly brittle bones. The latter symptoms occur owing to the reduction in the amount of calcium in the bones, which in turn supports the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow, which remove carbon dioxide from the body, via the lungs.

The symptoms of menopause are also related to this reduction in kidney energy, as is excessive, chronic stress, leading to "burn-out". To conclude, it can be said that the kidney energy is directly connected with your physical growth and your mental maturity.

The kidney energy can be compared to the roots of a plant.

The kidneys absorb moisture, which is then used to moisten and to feed the bodily functions. It is also capable of giving off heat in order to activate the body. Weak kidney energy leads to regularly having cold hands and feet; frequent urination and to easily suffer from infections. The strength of desire to be enterprising will also be weak.

Strong kidney energy creates a strong willpower and supports your potential for creation and growth.c According to Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold in their book "Between Heaven & Earth" “when the kidney energy is strong you will not be disturbed by a cold climate.

The digestive system will be both strong and dependable and during your entire life you will enjoy a strong sexual potency (no need for Viagra !).

Kidney energy in relation to other organ functions

The kidney is capable of storing energy emanating from the lungs, the stomach, the spleen-pancreas and the small intestine, holding these energies steady, just as an anchor holds a boat in one place. As a result the depth of the inhalation and the distribution of oxygen are promoted. Because the kidney forms the foundation of all liquids in the body, any stagnation of this energy can lead to oedema of the lower abdomen, in the knees, ankles, hands, the tongue, between the eyebrows and in the upper eyelids. The kidney filters liquids, extracting the pure from what is impure. What is pure is recirculated around the body via the lungs, whilst urine is produced from that which remains. The kidney energy regulates the elimination of faeces and the production of blood related the menstruation process.

The kidney energy and your spirit

Kidney energy promotes your spirit, (your "shen"), which is seated in the heart. "The spirit of the kidneys (the zhi), rules the will, the drive, the ambition and the survival instinct" according to the book "The Yellow Emperors Classic of Chinese Medicine". On the psychic dimension the kidney energy is related to anxiety and the impulse to flee from something. At the same time, anxiety can motivate you to strengthen things in your life. In the words of Qi Bo, the wise adviser to the Yellow Emperor "Thus the body of one who understands the Tao (laws of nature) will remain strong and healthy. The one who does not understand the Tao will age. One who is careless will often feel deficient, whilst one who knows will have an abundance of energy…. Even though their bodies are old they can perform most of life’s activities. Those who understand the principles of wholesome living tame their minds and prevent them from straying. They do not force anything upon themselves or upon others, are happy and content, tranquil and quiet and can live indefinitely. These are the ancient methods of self-maintenance".

The Bladder energy – "the minister responsible for the provinces as the cities"

Bladder energy is related to the function of storing body fluids. Its second task is to transform the Chi, (Ki, Prana), a function that earned the title of "the minister responsible for both the provinces as the cities". In other words the bladder energy is in charge of a good distribution of Qi between all parts of the body as well as between the different organs mutually. Bladder energy flows along the two sides of the spinal column and together with that of the kidney, along the back of the legs. Kidney and bladder energy have a huge influence on the nervous system, its sensitivity, your stress "housekeeping", the condition of your lower back and lower abdomen. In this respect the bladder energy is treated in cases of allergy, an extreme neurological objection to and rejection of something. Because the sacrum and lower abdomen reflect the condition of the bladder and kidney energies, it seems logical that they also be influenced by the first and second chakras, mooladhara and swathishana. In the book Kundalini, by Gopi Krishna he states that "the chakras represent the nervous plexus which regulate the different organs". At present there is no mention as to which organ relates to mooladhara, owing to its relation to sexual impulses it seems likely that mooladhara is related to the kidney energy. Other similarities between mooladhara chakra and the kidney energy are: a lack of vitality when mooladhara chakra is weak as well as feelings of emotional insecurity and anxiety for the future. When mooladhara is active any feelings of insecurity disappear, despite the situation in which you find yourself. Swadisthana chakra is related to the "hunter" instinct which stimulates the desire to search for sexual contact. This is also very similar to the characteristics of the kidney energy. The two "nadis" which flow along the sides of the spinal column, Ida on the left and pingala on the right, flow over the same area as the bladder energy and the place between the eyebrows where the two nadis meet, is just above the corners of the eyes, next to the nose, where the two flows of the bladder energy begin. Chronic misbalance between the flows of ida and pingala nadis can lead to symptoms such as manic depression; paranoia or of psychosis.

Rest & moderation

Whilst regular rest and moderation in daily life have a supporting and stimulating influence on the kidney energy, we all live in a world where the exact opposite is promoted. Some examples of the do’s and don’ts: Ceasing all work related tasks a few hours before going to bed; going early to bed and rising early; not eating just before going to bed or whilst working; eating food with a high nutritional value, such as organic vegetables, rice and beans; avoiding alcohol or stimulating drinks such as coffee, no cigarettes or narcotics; not exceeding ones limits on a regular basis and lastly no excessive sexual activity! And whilst conforming to the above, not letting yourself feel pressured or setting yourself high demands which lead to stress.


Regular and daily meditation prior to sleeping and upon rising the next day will strengthen and reduce the speed of decline in the kidney energy. Many thanks to Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Bihar School of Yoga, India